• Galactic Edge has effectively replaced our need for an in-house web developer with a cost effective solution and a higher quality output than we could have achieved alone.

    Justin Gary - Stone Blade Entertainment CEO.

Web anxiety? Welcome to the family.


Galactic Edge is a family which fills your need to hire a web developer or development team. We work remotely yet integrated with your operation, driving value and return from your web presence. Experience refreshing professionalism with our people and the culture they create. Along with clear communication and total transparency we believe in:

flexible development

From 40 to 160+ hours per month you gain access to our entire team's experience and skill set. Why hire one person instead of a team?

clean design

An intuitive user interface working across devices is a challenge for designers everywhere. We create experiences that are responsive, effective, enjoyable and simple, to empower you and your audience.

open source

We understand and build with most Open Source code. We're constantly researching and developing to produce the best applications. And as our family expands we share more with communities on the innovative edge.

big dreams

The world keeps getting smaller. The Internet enables people to work from anywhere, anytime. We promise to create more jobs and continue providing services that let people live the way they want. Our family mission and vision is of more fulfilled, modern lifestyles - for yours and ours.

our specialties

Crafting a professional application requires a wide array of skills no one person can specialize in. Joining the family means you always have access to the right specialist at the right time.

project management & leadership
agile development
interface & experience design
data security & availability
quality assurance
scoping & estimation
servers & infrastructure


We manage WordPress networks, create custom plugins and optimize high-traffic WordPress websites.


We take advantage of well-supported, proven software in conjunction with custom features or applications that work together for you.


Our vigilant experts employ offensive security through testing, monitoring, prevention and recovery strategy.

R & D

Our internal Research & Development group sets aside time each week to explore new tools and the entire Open Source world.


Galactic Edge values self-improvement highly as a team and as individuals. We also help you and your users better understand new technologies or tools.


Some projects come with a specific scope of work, but we are especially helpful when you don't know what you need. Large whiteboards and lots of patience are our pleasure.

flexible development

Forty to one hundred sixty hours per month.

$2,400 monthly

1/4 access

  • 40 HOURS

$4,400 monthly

1/2 access

  • 80 HOURS

$6,250 monthly

3/4 access

  • 120 HOURS

$8,000 monthly

full access

  • 160 HOURS


Use this form or call 612.352.9000 to contact us and delight in our response time. After all, we're on the Edge.

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